DIY King’s Kit


The DIY Kit was designed with addressing the needs of a small business owner looking for a more economical solution while expanding their capabilities. The DIY King’s KIT comes with the same engineered and designed CNC and Machined parts, but in a  cheaper, easier to ship kit that requires fabrication and assembly.





Along with our specialized CNC and machined parts, the DIY Kit comes with Fabrication and Assembly instructions w/ design drawings. We provide the “Recommended” cut-to-length dimensions which provides you with the same dimensions as the King’s Cart while also providing suggestions to help design your own custom delivery system within an acceptable “Range” to suit your specific needs. We also explain how those customized decisions may affect functionality of your Cart so you can make an educational decision.

Due to the nature of this product, we recommend fabrication and welding be performed by an expert.  All other components can easily be manufactured by a Welding/Fabrication shop. Depending on the the fabrication shop’s setup and capabilities, the cart can be fully produced in as little as 5hrs.  Each Welding/Fabrication shop quality and setup varies and we can not be held responsible for the quality of their work or the time it takes to produce.

What’s included

  • Over 40 custom CNC machined Steel Parts.
  • Specialized Hardware (Bolted Connections NOT Provided).
  • Fabrication Drawings and Guidelines for your selected fabricator
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Guide for selecting and sourcing your Casters, Hydraulic Jacks, and Structural Mounting Beams.
  • Safety Guidelines.

**IMPORTANT**Quality and accuracy of assembly, welding, and variations from the RECOMMENDED specified material and sizes can positively or negatively affect the capabilities of the DIY KIT. King’sCart accepts no responsibly for any claims of the Rated Capacity or Technical Performance Features as a result.

* Do to the Nature of the DIY Kit, NO Warranty is offered. Inspect Supplied components prior to fabrication. Exchanges of Kit Components are available PRIOR to any fabrication work commencing.

Requirements and Estimated Costs to complete

  • Welding and Fabrication (~5hrs) $500**.
  • Common sized structural steel tubing and strut channel (sourced by your Welder/Fabricator) – $300**.
  • Six(6) Swivel Casters, +2 for Outriggers $20-$50each**.
  • Two(2) Hydraulic Jacks $50-$150each**.
  • Protective Coating – Paint or PowderCoat $20 – $300** .

Advantages of the DIY KIT

  • Cost Savings.
  • Opportunity to customize sizing for you own specific needs.
  • No Freight Shipping Costs.
  • Ability to customize surface coating to your own business colors.

**NOTE: Final costs are determined by your local labor rates and component selections.

Additional information

Weight 80 kg

Technical Aspects

Dynamics Value
Product Weight 500lbs
Rated Capacity 2000lbs(900kg)
Gantry Span 102in(2590mm) or 126in(3200mm)
Clamping Rage Variable – dependant on operator/resources
Dynamics Value
Materials Zinc plated and powder coated steel, polymer clamping pads
Maximum Load Surface Height 61in(1550mm)
Minimum Load Surface Height 26.25in(665mm)
Max Lifting Range 20in(510mm)


Cart Configuration Examples

Dolly Clearances

Full Dolly Drawing

Load Recommendations

Made in USA

The King’sCart, DIY King’sCart, and our accessories are engineered, machined, and assembled in The USA and the majority of our products’ components are of U.S. origin. However, by necessity, some products require parts that are manufactured outside of the USA (such as hardware) that are either packaged or produced in foreign countries. Therefore, according to the Federal Trade Commission information that we have gathered, a standalone “Made in the USA” claim might be misleading to consumers. To accurately represent our products in general, we choose to use the statement “Designed and Fabricated in the USA.”

Our USA based Engineering and Manufacturing suppliers have undergone quality control standards that allow us to provide a high-quality product designed to be used for many years and withstand the abuse seen during normal usage for which it was designed.

“Made in the USA” claims are governed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC has very strict rules and guidelines that should be followed by all companies offering products in the USA. Please visit for more information.