Absolutely Flawless. Didn’t have to hire guys for my big installs. Such a time and back saver!

Matthew T.

Tolleson, AZ

The King’s Cart has completely changed the way I operate in my shop. This one tool has more capability than I’ve discovered so far. Obviously, it can be used for deliveries, but I’ve also used it as a fabrication cart. My favorite element to this cart, the center of gravity adjustment, is a game changer.

Jonathan H.

Bradenton, FL

How has a cart system like this not existed before!?! I used the KingCart to deliver a 500lb tabletop and was able to easily maneuver it through doorways and narrow passages. The hardware to adjust the pivot point made rotating the slab a breeze! I was able to lift and set in place without using my own muscle, it truly does ALL of the lifting!

Andy H.

Greensburg, PA

It’s so simple it’s GENIOUS! And this thing is STRONG! Having the confidence now to build larger more complex features has allowed me to expand my capabilities overnight! No more worrying about how I will safely deliver even some of the smaller countertops. Money VERY well spent!

Doug M.

Mason, MI

The cart worked seamlessly (no pun intended!) I’m really impressed with the overall quality of this cart and how it simplifies an otherwise difficult job! There was NO LIFTING at all! I’m looking forward to taking on larger projects with confidence! Great job on the design guys!

Peter C.

Manahawkin, NJ

I have a small shop and purchased the DIY Kit so I could customize the Kings Cart for my own needs. It works like a charm and I especially like that it disassembles easily! I can store it out of the way until I need it.

Rodger G.

Zanesville, OH

With the height set correctly, I rotated a 12’ x 5’ 600 lb table 180 degrees to turn it over after casting! This cart simplifies my deliveries and has allowed me to comfortably transition back to a one man shop, knowing that I can handle materials safely on my own. I cannot overstate how much this tool has helped, and I’ve only just gotten started with it.

Bill C.

Lakewood, CO